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Star Wars Deleted Scenes

I really hate it when directors think that a silly scene has no use when it really ties the story together. Unfortunately, we only see these gems in videos when some hero rescues them from the cutting floor.


Sigh … Sorry, my amazing geeks, but here are some heart breaking cut scenes.



A princess’ tribute.

Rogue One, a writer’s review.

I saw Rogue on opening day, December 15, 2016 with my friends. I’ve waited to put up my review due to spoilers, but since it’s been two weeks, it’s time to discuss it. I’m so happy that others have seen the same things that I saw, so now I feel a little better about sharing my views. So yes, I will have spoilers and I also will include an Easter Egg’s spoiler as well at the end of my post.

One thing that always bothered me about Star Wars franchise is that the Empire seemed more like the Key Stone cops as opposed to a Nazi type regime. We never really saw the Empire doing anything ‘bad.’ Sure we saw Tarkin destroy Princess Leia’s home planet, but other than that, the soldiers tried to shoot at folks and mostly looked like fools. Star Wars was a bit like an inside Joke. Yes, I love the series, but it wasn’t serious.

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The Death of Princess Leia.


Well, I know you’ve all heard the news. Our Princess is dead. We all thought Carrie Fisher would pull through and come back to us, but alas her body said no. So what does Carrie Fisher mean to me, a female geek who is 52 years old?

I had just turned 13 when Star Wars came out in 1977. All my young life teachers, adults, TV commercials, TV shows, games and movies portrayed women in secondary roles who needed a man to rescue her as she could do little for herself. She wasn’t very smart, was super skinny, and was more comfortable in the home as opposed to the president of a large corporation. In  the 60s to the late 70s,  a woman was mocked if her goal was to be an award-winning journalist, a surgeon, or worse yet, a police officer. 1970’s society did little to encourage young girls to be anything higher than an assistant.  The best board game for girls was the 1966 What Shall I Be? Game in which a woman could be a nurse, a model, an actress, an airline stewardess, or a ballet dancer. (Luckily, the company upgraded the game in 1976, but alas, the damage was done to those born in the early 60’s) Girls were told women couldn’t fight in wars nor could they fly fighter planes in the Air Force. All they could do in the army or air force was answer phones or drive trucks. After seeing Star Wars, I longed to be a X-wing fighter in some far away galaxy. But even in Star Wars, women were never seen on the battle ground, except one: Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia.


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Geeks, amazing creatures!

Geeks are remarkable creatures.  They don’t care what others think and they live in a world they created for themselves. They find a passion and follow the road laid out before them. The rest of the world looks at them in an odd way and yet the geek gives no heed to it. Instead, they wrap themselves away in a fantasy world and peek in all the closets.  Then they unwrap their treasures and share with others of the same passion.

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A new Doctor Who

I love Doctor Who, My first Doctor was Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor with the long scarf. Since the 1960s, BBC has kept the doctor as Caucasian male and some has called for another ethnic doctor. But BBC keeps on the same track, white and male.

Well, I came across a fan fiction film studio that has decided to change the rules with a black doctor. This actor is amazing!! He seems to be a combination of all the past doctors: charming, funny, silly, serious, mean at times and always so very lost. A heartbreaking doctor.

The main character, Jevocas Green, is a professional actor who now has his own Dr Who series. He does a great job and has his own companion. The series starts out after the 8th Doctor’s regeneration and before John Hurt as the War Doctor. This doctor falls somewhere in between the two.

Jevocas’ Doctor’s first episode involves the Doctor’s granddaughter who is now grown up, married with kids and now a widow who explores space. Jevocas does a great job in the babbling, but with a plan, Doctor. I do believe he is up there with David Tennent and Matt Smith. Check it out!!  Here’s the link: The Forgotten Doctor


Fairy God Mother

The last time I took a sewing class was in High School, era 1981. I hated sewing. Hated the cutting of the cloth, the pattern but most of all, I hated the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. The worst part was I had to take it. Back then, girls took home econ, and boys took shop. People were horrified if a ‘girl’ took shop and a ‘boy’ took home econ.

Thankfully times have changed. Now girls take shop and boys take home econ. And I now love sewing. So what’s so wonderful about it now? I get to play Fairy God Mother. I make cosplay dreams come true. To see the look of pure joy in my client’s eyes and watch them turn into the character makes this God Mother very happy indeed.

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Don’t talk back to Darth Vader or he’ll get you.

Star Wars, A New Hope, told by  a 3 year old.

Boba Fett, Movie Star!!

I was really just minding my own business and looking up blogging stuff when I came across Boba Fett’s new movie.

Yeap, that’s right. The most famous bounty hunter in the universe is now wanting to sign with Disney. But how does Mouse House, as it is affectionately called, make a Bounty Hunter into a hero who can stand on his own? And what of the death of the SW Canon including the Clone Wars and the past SW movies?

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