The Queen’s ruling to all in Ezasu written by her humble Scribe. Dated year 740 in the Planting season of Ezasu. May the Queen give mercy upon you and your family. May her face shine proper on your family and your soul. May you always have her hand rest on you.

Added in the year 760. May blessings of the Attiyq fall upon you. May His gracious right hand be upon you. May His face shine over your crops and fields. May your sons have His strength and your daughters His beauty.

The following is the decree of Queen Jezebel, the Nineteenth Ruler of Ezasu in the year 740 upon the death of King Efuko De Caprise, son of Effauko De Caprise a direct linage to King Broden, first ruler of Ezasu, may all rest in the Attiyq’s loving arms and forever His face shine upon them.

After the death of the great King Efuko De Caprise, Queen Jezebel, the guardian to King Conell became resident ruler over Broden’s throne after young King Conell’s incarceration and made several new issues that all in Ezasu must follow. Please study the new language and rulings carefully.

Her majesty now demands that all in Ezasu relinquish the beautiful language given by the Attiyq Himself and take upon her new and glorious language. All who do not follow her decrees, punishment falls swift and sure. All children must learn this new language in all teaching houses and all adults must also learn this new language. If you refuse, punishment will fall with one year (four full seasons) in a prison of her choice.

Our gracious queen allows some leniency in that she understands that we, Ezasuians, are simple creatures and may not understand her language. So she is giving us mercy, may she be praised forever.  She graciously allows us to use our language form but only in her tongue.

Below is a listing of her language as compared to Ezasu language. This is a small list and more will come.  Please, allow your children the privilege of learning her language. Her majesty also commands me, the scribe, to translate this decree to the Ezasu language and I write it in the following days.


Attiyq language Queen Jezebel’s glorious language.


acajo shield/ clan leader
acha Crawler
-ad -ed – makes the verb past tense.
à Aid
Aho priest
ajachu obsidian
ajoosho Robe
Ajoosho-Acajo Lace covering that woman of high stature wear.  It distinguishes the Lady from the lower classes.
alodo small
Amsrae Angry
and An
aq perfume
aqofu Ear
Aquga Castle
ashayu adoption
asheefu Toe
asiqe Hawk
atabo Axe
Attiyq Ancient –Name used for God Almighty, The Great One, The Holy One, The Great I AM.
av Animal
Avoda Awake
avoos Cutter
Avors Apart
avozaie Carrots
azuza Dragger
baaja Beautiful
baanoo Thrower
baat Beard
baeesha Shooter
bauqe Goat
boul Altar
brakk Bless
Bria Blue
Broden Aquga Castle of King Broden and home of all kings and queens of Ezasu.
buimechu Paper
Buvrems A game in which players roll a ball towards a smaller ball without touching it. Each player could hit the other player’s balls out of the way, thus giving them the better advantage. Each player had 5 turns. Whomever got the closest to the smaller ball won the game. A game highly favored by the Royal families, may they rest in peace.
ceq South or also considered the Southern Star.
ceun Eel
Chaj Prison
chioocha Fist
choa Owner
choeev Town
Choo A dog, an insult to your enemies. It means your enemy is as a dog who eats vermin and walks on all fours.
chooje Gray
choosh Hunter
chooshesho River
chuim Brown
chuisi Hater
Chuoha Princess (Imogene’s nickname)
chuolaash Pentacle
chuosaga House
ci Iron
coash Crab
com Beater
Craom Clean
cuom Occult
Curd Cold
Cuud Cook
Dekemekr Diminish
doeseba Cat
Drae Dry
Dremd Drink
Dreqa Drive
Duvm Down
E the
E Vajie The Ancient of Days (Another name for God. It means the God’s greatness, Holiness, Justice, and righteousness.)
eape Heron
eata Island
ecayu Pillow
ech Crimson
echecho Stomper
echeji Candle
eciyu Kin
ecoze Mountain
eechega Skull
eechoome Magic
eekasho Book
eena Land
eesi Dragger
eeze Knife
eh Gem
ekee Face
elooosh Red
elosho Dwarf
eme Willow
-ems -ing – EMS makes the verb into a gerund.
Eos Eat
eoto Cave
ep Shadow
epott Elf
epune Dragon
eq Impaler
eqoze Blind
es Slave
Esazu the land
etodo Flesh
Frae Fly
fuehocho Beast
fuenacho Torturer
fueza Three
fuuz Gold
gaeni Snake
Gaevee A Maúl trainer. The trainer is usually the child’s father and trains his child in the ways of the Maúl.
Gaze Hall
Gazo Angel
Geqa Give
Harv Help
hechi Tattoo
heej Slicer
heyu Ghoul or ghost
Hirs Hurt
hoo Boy
Hovvae Happy
hus Badger
Hus Hot
icechett Monger
ichechi Gladiator
ijee Anvil
Ik Is
ilefu Lord
Ioole Witch
iopa Four
ipoojo Rice
iqeji Water
iqoochu Blade
isega Rat
isho Jewel
iuzo Razor
jac Property
jachi Flower
jado Rabbit
je Crusher
jeu Ivory
Jieca Juice
Jikv Jump
joachofu Unicorn
joapedo Foe
joba Field
jooopochu Tortoise
Juem Join
Kerr Kill
kichu Moon
ko Clothing
koooch Fish
kuraks Forest, woods
laee One
laoop Wizard
leega Sea
leep Home
lej Biter
Lesa Lite
Lesrs Light
lin Village
lo Dog
Loae Lay
looom Hand
Luud Look
luza White
maurr Mark
mee Monkey
meez Tooth
mep Curse
Merd Milk
Mim Ehu Fire Ritual- The ancient Maúl Warriors under the Great Anu began

The Fire Ritual. A Clan would send all 13 year old boys

into the wilderness with only a knife and the

child had to stay alive. If he came back, he was

a man. If he died, he died. King Broden

allowed the people of Ezasu to use

the ritual with their sons. But only the sons.

A girl was considered a woman once she starts her menstrual cycle and could be considered for marriage. Although most people now wait until the girl turns eighteen years of age before entering into marriage.

moa Lightning
mol Lizard
mooa Sailor
mooe Library
mouh Light
moze Purple
neuum queen
nizu Tool
Nooll Moon
nush Merchant
oaki Place
oave Builder
oeezo Copper
ojeoch Bat
oke Hammer
oko Man
omacho Poison
oneshi Leather
onoo Bay
ooco Goblin
Ookeza Sun god – The Worship of the sun god Ookeza started during the reign of King Broden and those caught worshiping Ookeza were executed or imprisoned. Over time, the sect stayed mostly in the Barbarian territory.
oonashi Viper
oooqa Beer
opoc Devil
opocho Demon
oqo Opal
osha Ghost
Oshuie Potatoes
otega Bird
otogi Chicken
oz Emperor
oza Crow
Ozefu Currency
ozejo Coward
pi Hair
piee Eye
Pimcr Punch
pot Bear
Puda Poke
Purekr Polish
qaa Seed
qaen Eagle
qap Arm
qeze Blood
qoa Oath
qooche Horse
quv King’s Vow – A King’s Vow is the most sacred of all a man’s vows. An Honorable man gives this vow to his King and the vow is most holy before the Attiyq. Only death will break the vow. Kings MUST see this vow as consecrated if they are honorable.
Rad Red
Reka Rise
Rim Run
Rim Run
ronj King
Secd Sick
Seda Side
seeomofu Lover
shiehe Tortoise
shieq Walker
shoochooeep Black
shuj Bull
sic Artist
sie Quiet
Sod Sad
sojo Long
Sraav Sleep
Sraav Sleep
Ssaor Steal
tach Orchard
Tamo Little
Tao Tea
tash Green
tauk Blue
teeoo Foot
tej Dancer
Tey Tie
to Of
Toda Take
tofu Sky
Trruv Throw
ttisho woman of high stature, Lady, Royalty, a respected woman. She is marked by the covering of her arms. Tradition holds that this separates the woman of low stature from the Lady. A woman fashions her clothes by her sleeve covering her arms and sometimes her wrists and fingertips.
Tu keda To side
upa Two
Upeshi Barbarian – The Upeshi are the enemy of the Ezasuians and have been for hundreds of years. The battles started during the times of King Broden, the first blessed King of Ezasu. Each King has battled with the beasts of the East. But none more than the Maúl.
us Scorpion
Uv Up
vaozoo Lake
veeet Five
veen Mangler
veot Soldier
voba City
Voobo-Maúl The ancient and now extinct tribe of might warriors. The Maúl as they are called, were founded by Anu, the first of the Maúl. King Broden discovered their clan and asked that they become his elite fighting force. It is said that Maúl rise from the ground and often called heyu kuraks – Ghosts of the Forest. They trained in secret and only those born of the clams were allowed to be Maúl.
vozo Forgotten
vusho Wind
Wokr Wash
Wors Walk
Wosar Water
Wurkrev Worship
yuap Silent
yueeva Head
yuooli Plant
zaash Hobgoblin
zai Mountain
zaooja Bread
zeicha Wolf
zoo Silver
zoouc Master
zooze Death
zoq Marble
zuas Fire
zuoca Darken
zuoozaza Candy
zuusho Woman of low stature, a woman who is a prostitute, a woman sold into slavery. She is marked by the removing of the Ttisho honor, the sleeves that cover a woman’s arms to her fingertips. All women with exposed arms are considered Zuusho.


Uro One




















  All other numbers are a combination of the above. Eleven is Uro-uro, twelve is uro-svu, and on.