Yeap, that’s right!! I wrote a fantasy novel Hidden Secrets that will make the ladies fangirl! Well, at least that’s what my fellow writers in my writers group do. They are funny and i love it when the fangirl over my poor characters.

Anyway, the novel is now out by Little Roni Publishers. Here’s the synopsis:

Only eighteen-year-old Prince Conell De Caprise can stop a demon from conquering the lands of Ezasu. The demon knows the prince’s guilt-ridden secret that resulted in the deaths of everyone in the castle. And plans to use that remorse to crush him.


All Conell ever wanted was redemption, to be set free from the guilt surrounding a terrible mistake he made when he was seven-years-old that led to the death of everyone in the castle.  A secret he kept hidden from his two companions for over ten years. And the guilt is destroying him. Years later, he finds his redemption by leading his loyal companions to safety from a regent-queen who plans to execute him and his friends in order to gain his throne. One of those accompanying him is an odd girl who claims a strange medallion brought her to his world. His search is short-lived when he discovers that a demon, who rules the regent-queen, longs to recapture the strange girl and her powerful item. For with them, he believes he can annihilate God and take back the land that once belonged to him five hundred years ago.The demon pursues the group and uses Conell’s guilt as a knife, almost defeating him. Conell’s answer is to flee, leading his friends and the girl to the safety of the Southern Lands. An angel warns Conell in a dream that he must forgive himself and trust God if he is to stop the demon and save the girl. But how can Conell forgive himself for all those deaths and trust a God whom he believes abandoned him years ago?