Yo, ya all! This is me! I am a writer  and I have been writing since 1997. My first novel, Hidden Secrets is now on Amazon.com. I have been a geek all my life and I am very active in my church, which I love! I am a Christian and I am a geek.

My favey Docs are Tom Baker, David Tennent and Matt Smith. My favey companions are Donna Noble, The Ponds, of course, and Clara.

I love the Marvel movies and Loki is my favey character. He’s so misunderstood! I teach a class on how to write deep emotions using Loki and it seems to work well.  Agents of Shield is on my list also as is Sherlock (BBC), Lord of the Rings (Elves rule!) and I also do some cosplay. I can make costumes, but have little time for it I’ve also dressed as a she elf as seen in the pictures on my front page.

Star Wars! Don’t forget that great show that is coming back in December! I’ll have more info on it.

That’s the geeky side of me. Now for the writer side of me:


karitos-2009-1213In 2009, the directors at Karitos , a christian arts festival in Chicago, Illinios, asked me to read part of my novel to their audience.  I took writing classes at Karitos from Patricia Hickman in 2008 and Nicole Mazzarella in 2009, both wonderful writers and teachers.  It was fun.  The folks at Karitos asked that I help promote the writers side of Karitos, which I do with a smile on my face.  And a better outfit next time.  I hope to get more involved with Karitos as I really enjoy the teachings and the people. Check them out sometime.

I also have a BA in marketing from Lindenwood College, St Peters, Mo. that I obtained in 2000.  But I also work closely with Diane Eble, a friend, mentor and publishing coach, who has helped me understand the marketing side and publishing side of writing.  And of course, we can’t forget WritersDigest.com, on which I partook a two-week writing seminar.

To add flair to my story, I am working with a wonderful fencing teacher, not Master which he told me to include, who is teaching me the ins and outs of fencing and writing fighting scenes.  I”m TRYING to convince him to write a book on how to write fight scenes, but we’ll see.  I’m going to do an interview with him very soon on how to write the scenes.

Well, that’s it for now.  (Below is a better picture of me.)