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May 2017

Broken hearted again.

Well, Geeks, we’re holding off on Star Wars, Marvel Comics and other geeky stuff. Today, I’m sending Geek Love to the victims and survivors of the attack in Manchester England. We must come together as one to stop the Terrorist Losers known as ISIS. This is a world problem. ISIS Losers must be stopped. God’s blessings, my amazing Geeks. Spread the love to each other. Be nice to someone, ok? I’ll love the day when I don’t have post these posts.


A Pirate Queen’s Woes

This is from my friend and great writer, Amy Sauder:


A dream is kinda like a rollercoaster – you’ll hit triumphs, like getting the O’Flaherty clan women to love you. You’ll hit downfalls, like having to marry Donal (yech.) You’ll think you’re winning only to be slapped back to worse than where you started. 7 years may pass. Keep dreaming. This isn’t the end of the story.

hang in there, my amazing Geeks!! Just because stupid people have pushed you back doesn’t mean you’re out of the game!!


A Pirate Queen’s Woes


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