There lived a man named Joel who really wasn’t too different from you and me. He worked at a place called Gizmo Institute. And if you’re a geek, you know the rest of the story. So imagine my joy when I opened facebook and THERE. IT, WAS!!!!


That’s right, geeks!!! They’re baaackkkk!!! The Forester child, Kinga Forester, granddaughter of Mother Pearl and daughter of Dr Forester played by Felicia Day. Her funny sidekick is Patton Oswalt of Agents of Shield fame who plays Max, the son of (drumroll please….) TV’S FRANK!!!  A wonderful season of riffing the horrible. eye bleeding movies, wrapped up on Netflix!!!

The show is also introducing Jonah Ray who plays Jonah Heston, the new host of MST2K. Jonah does a perfect job of being the captured host who does silly stuff to stay sane.

The movies of course are really, really, really bad!! I mean burn your eyeballs out of your head bad!!! But the riffing is perfect. The first few episodes have nods to California Girl, sinking battleships, Telegram for Mongo and others. But the cast also has new riffs that perfectly come together for such stupid movies.

Also keep your eyes open for cameos by Wil Weaton, (eps 1) Neil Patrick Harris (eps 4), Mother Pearl, Bo-Bo, Brain Guy, (Eps 2), Mark Hamill (Luke from Star Wars fame, Eps 12), Jerry Seinfield (Eps 6), Joel McHale (Eps 14) and Joel Hodgson (Eps 3). Rumor has it that more cameos will be up in next season.

So enjoy, my amazing geeks!! And remember, If you have those pesky questions on how Jonah eats, breaths and other science questions, please say over and over again, this is just a a show, this is just  show and I really should just reeelaaaxxx!!!

Hit the Button, Frank!!!