Well, the time has come for all Star Wars fan. The viewing of the trailer!!! Now comes the discussions, the analysis, the arguments and the Spoilers ahead, matey!! It’s time to get down to business.

The first thing you should notice is title letterings: all Red. Red = Sith. Star Wars Theory Youtube channel pointed out this important teaser. Does this mean that Luke will turn to the Dark Side or will Kylo finally give in to the Dark Side? I’m a writer and I understand the importance of Foreshadowing, and this is foreshadowing. This isn’t someone who loved the color red, this is Sith Red. Will this be the beginning of the Siths taking over the universe because Luke is upset over failing?

Next notice at 1:14 of the trailer, Luke tells Rey that the Force is more than Light, Dark and Balance. Some are now speculating that this could be the beginning of the Grey Jedi, definitely a non-canon and seen only in the Role-playing games. Rebels gave a nod to the Greys, but most novels have stayed loyal to the original trilogy: Jedi Vs Sith.  So will Disney give birth to Greys? (For those who don’t know, Grey is a term from the Star Wars Role Playing games in which a Jedi could become Grey meaning he isn’t fully Light and isn’t fully Dark. He’s in between.) This would make sense since Luke had seen what the Jedi did to his father in abandoning him and the Emperor taking advantage of a hurt boy. The Light is like Religion that hurts others; the Dark is pure evil. The balance could be in the Greys. Luke says in 1:39 that ‘It is time for the Jedi to End.” So does Luke mean the Jedi must evolve into Greys? Luke claimed there was more to the force than what the rumors and stories claimed. The novel, A New Jedi Order: The Dark Tide 1 Onslaught, Luke’s students would often laugh at Luke when he meditated in the force, but Jacen Solo who accompanied Luke on a mission, mentioned that Luke had an intimate relationship with the Force due to all the meditation. So now does Disney follow this canon in that Luke has that same intimate relationship and understands more about the Force than others?

Or is a sign of Luke giving up on the Force, on all that he once believe in and longs to live his life as a hermit?  Now Luke did at one leave his school behind when Ben Solo rebelled and wanted to be like his grandfather, so this could simply be Luke saying, I’m old, I’m tired and I want to move to Florida to chase the old women. This reminds me of when Luke first followed Obi Wan. Luke had no choice but to become a Jedi after The Empire killed his aunt and uncle. Perhaps again, circumstances will pull Luke Skywalker back into the fight and he will have no choice but to defend his loved ones.



Also notice the ending scene. Luke is far from Rey, meaning he is distancing himself from her and her training. Rey’s fighting skills look more like a child chopping the air than a true Jedi Knight.  Someone train that girl before she puts an eye out!!

2017-04-14 (1).png


Moving on, Kylo has grown into something more dangerous and sinister. The expression on Kylo’s face isn’t a boy who was upset with Daddy and Mommy and is throwing a temper tantrum. This is a true Sith. Is the Red in Kylo’s eyes from him becoming a Sith or is it the reflection of the Light Saber? Either or, Kylo Ren is now a true monster and someone to watch. He is no longer a child. 2017-04-14 (3).png

2017-04-14 (2)

At different points in the teaser, we hear Princess Lea saying, “Help me, Obi Wan”; Obi Wan saying “Seduced by the dark side”/Vader’s heavy breathing; and Yoda saying, “When I am gone, the last of the Jedi you will be.” (It’s very hard to hear it, someone messed up with the sound.) So does this mean Obi Wan and Yoda will be as Force Ghosts or was this a trailer way to get our attention and make us all geek out?

Of course, I could be completely wrong.

This still doesn’t explain the questions Abrams brought up in Episode 7:

  1. Who are Rey’s parents and who left her behind and why?
  2. How did Maz obtain Luke’s light saber and how does she know him?
  3. Is Han Solo really dead?
  4. Who is Snoke? Here’s my guess: Will the Real Snoke Please stand up?
  5. And will someone will please put the Doctor in one of these films?? Yeah, I know.