Geeks are remarkable creatures.  They don’t care what others think and they live in a world they created for themselves. They find a passion and follow the road laid out before them. The rest of the world looks at them in an odd way and yet the geek gives no heed to it. Instead, they wrap themselves away in a fantasy world and peek in all the closets.  Then they unwrap their treasures and share with others of the same passion.

Others look at the Geek as an odd person and never seems to understand the excitement and intense love the geek has for something the world sees as ‘odd’ or even nonsense. They are never able to take that step into the strange world and even mock it. But the Geek moves on to others who share the same love and the geeks embrace the world and new finds together. It’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas every day for the geek. Although mocked and laughed at, the Geek bravely presses on and finds new avenues to enjoy.  We look sadly at the world left behind that argues over trivial things, while the geeks argue over the New Star Trek vs old Star Trek or New Star Wars vs Old Star Wars. The fights can get intense because a world is now invaded. But in the end, we come together and still embrace that one love.