I love Doctor Who, My first Doctor was Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor with the long scarf. Since the 1960s, BBC has kept the doctor as Caucasian male and some has called for another ethnic doctor. But BBC keeps on the same track, white and male.

Well, I came across a fan fiction film studio that has decided to change the rules with a black doctor. This actor is amazing!! He seems to be a combination of all the past doctors: charming, funny, silly, serious, mean at times and always so very lost. A heartbreaking doctor.

The main character, Jevocas Green, is a professional actor who now has his own Dr Who series. He does a great job and has his own companion. The series starts out after the 8th Doctor’s regeneration and before John Hurt as the War Doctor. This doctor falls somewhere in between the two.

Jevocas’ Doctor’s first episode involves the Doctor’s granddaughter who is now grown up, married with kids and now a widow who explores space. Jevocas does a great job in the babbling, but with a plan, Doctor. I do believe he is up there with David Tennent and Matt Smith. Check it out!!  Here’s the link: The Forgotten Doctor