The last time I took a sewing class was in High School, era 1981. I hated sewing. Hated the cutting of the cloth, the pattern but most of all, I hated the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. The worst part was I had to take it. Back then, girls took home econ, and boys took shop. People were horrified if a ‘girl’ took shop and a ‘boy’ took home econ.

Thankfully times have changed. Now girls take shop and boys take home econ. And I now love sewing. So what’s so wonderful about it now? I get to play Fairy God Mother. I make cosplay dreams come true. To see the look of pure joy in my client’s eyes and watch them turn into the character makes this God Mother very happy indeed.

My wand is my sewing machine and patterns are my carriages. I have fallen in love with cosplay costumes. Of course, my very favorite Cosplayer is Yaya Han Her masterpieces would put Hollywood to shame and make professional designers green with envy. I’m green with envy! But I want to make wonderful and colorful costumes.

I have now officially made, drum roll please, three whole costumes!! Yeah, I know it’s sad, but it’s a start.

I love coming up with ideas, then I search for patterns that I can use to make my masterpiece. Sometimes it can take me weeks to find the right pattern. I’m not that gifted to where I can make my own patterns. But maybe one day…

My newest creation is steampunk pirate costume for my friend Amy.

Amys costume
Amy’s costume.

She has lovely red hair and is very skinny. She would look great as a steampunker/pirate. Here’s the pattern I’ll be using:


It will be fun. I want to make a Darth Vader outfit for me using the same pattern that I can wear to the next Star Wars movie. Thankfully, I have two years to make my outfit, but only a few months to make her costume. But hey, that’s the life of a Fairy God Mother.