I was really just minding my own business and looking up blogging stuff when I came across Boba Fett’s new movie.

Yeap, that’s right. The most famous bounty hunter in the universe is now wanting to sign with Disney. But how does Mouse House, as it is affectionately called, make a Bounty Hunter into a hero who can stand on his own? And what of the death of the SW Canon including the Clone Wars and the past SW movies?


Disney has already said they won’t use the older films from 2014 and older as part of the Star Wars universe meaning they may or may not use Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Clone Wars, Books, comics, prequels as needed background information in their movies. Yikes!!

So the question remains, does Star Wars take into account that Boba Fett saw his ‘daddy’ die at the hands of Jedi Windu and swore vengeance? What about in the Clone Wars series where we see more of Boba’s hard life? Will Disney sack that past also? And will they also take into account that the last we see of Boba is when he was swallowed up by a Sarlacc (a nasty worm like creature that lives in sand and swallows up whatever comes its way.) as Fett was celebrating on Jabba the Hutt’s cruise ship over the capturing of Han Solo, who is now DEAD, along with my personal honey, Qui-Gon Jin. GRR!!!   See my below Edit. Thanks, SW fans for setting me straight. I keep hearing different versions from different sources. Sigh …

Now remember, A Force Awakens starts 30 years AFTER Return of the Jedi, so will Boba’s story be at that time or after Luke saves Han Solo in Return of the Jedi? It’s like an episode of Dr Who, very timey wimey.

Disney’s biggest problem is how to make Boba into an anti-hero but still keep him as the popular bad guy. Disney’s really never had a hard time keeping the baddie bad, but making him lovable. Take Captain Jack Sparrow. A bad pirate who stole, killed, killed some more, lied, and did bad things. But we love him.

Disney has always had success with making the baddies into heroes.

Sorry, had to edit this whole post due to wrong info on other sites.

The problem is what to do with the Expanded Universe info? Disney Order 66ed all of it and only the films/clone wars are used as Canon. So does one just stick with what we already know, rewrite our loved SW films, go off on a wild trail that might fail? They can’t use any info from the EU, but can they expand on Han’s and Boba’s past? They know each other pretty well. But again, that part of the EU was Order 66ed. So …

Fans of SW are very loyal to their genre and many cried foul with Disney’s Order 66 of the past SW EU. To bring it back this one time will not make the SW fans happy campers. Others won’t care, but the die hards? Don’t mess with them, it isn’t a good idea. I hope Disney steps carefully into this unknown universe. Very carefully. Fans will have no problems feeding the company to Sarlacc which would be, well, icky.

Edit: Opps!! A SW fan just cleared it for me and I wish other sites would get it right. Here’s the Offical statement regarding SW Canon. I’m such a geek.

On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm and Disney removed all Expanded Universe works from the canon. They announced that the existing six films and The Clone Wars television series are the “immovable objects” of Star Wars storytelling. Previously published material has been relabeled under a “Legends” label, and future content will present a different vision of people, places and events after Return of the Jedi. They also announced that all future Star Wars stories will be connected and on equal canon level as the films, with guidance coming from the Star Wars story group. Additionally, it was announced that the films of the sequel trilogy will not follow the same story as that of the Expanded Universe works taking place after the events of Return of the Jedi.[4] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_canon#Disney_acquisition.2C_canon_revision_and_Star_Wars_Legends

In other words, The shows/Clone wars ARE still a part of the SW Universe but the Expanded stuff isn’t. So now to revise my post:

Will Disney take info from the older shows and recreate Boba Fett or will they do something new? That is the question. Thanks, SW fans for setting me straight on this one.