Spoiler alters!! you’ve been warned!!!




OH how I love Easter Eggs!! Yummy!!! So many in this new movie. From what I can gather from the Geek world, JJ Abrams left this new Star Wars movie with so many unanswered questions so the other writers could create new ideas. That is perfect. Very good. Don’t blow it, writers!!

So onto the Easter Eggs!!!! Grab your basket. Here’s the best video so far that I’ve found on our lovely Eggs (And for those of you who are saying, what?? Abrams celebrated Easter in the movie? No, Easter Eggs are items/scenes/characters that the producer/director/writer adds for the fans of the genre to squeal over and get excited and talk about night after night after night for the next ten years. As my mother said this evening, I’m the type of person who must be entertained. And yes, she’s right. I need constant entertainment.)

I’ve been hearing around the Geek World that Snoke, (why would anyone pick the name Snoke??) could be Darth Plagueis. Who? asks the non-geek? He was Palpatine aka Darth Sidious’ former master. Sidious killed Plagueis during the second episode of Star Wars (also note the following wording: A movie Canon means from the movies, animated series,  TV shows and other media that were released before 2014 and belonging to Lucasfilms; EU means Expanded Universe aka Star Wars books and there’s a lot of them. BBY is a time indicator such as our AD and BC which separates our years and BBY means Before the Battle of Yavin – the battle took place in a book but around the time of Star Wars 4 – the first one in 1979. Our 1979 AD. ABY is after the battle. Ok, stop laughing, all you non-geeks!!)

Ok, back to Plagueis. Rumors are flying fast and furious that Snoke might be Plagueis. How? asks the geek. What?? asks the non-geek.  For the geeks and non-geeks: Plagueis was a Dark Force Lord, meaning he was the bad guy who used the force for evil. (A cop using a gun for good; the bad guy uses the gun for evil so with the force.)  Apparently Sidious killed Plagueis between the first and second Star Wars movies (Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith). (Hush, non-geeks!)  But Plagueis was able to heal his body and thus could have returned after Vader killed Sidious. Maybe. But why return after the death of Sidious aka Palpatine aka Emperor? Why not just kill Palpatine and take the throne? Why? mmm …. Rumor also has it that Plagueis can manipulate the force to create life or Anakin Skywalker. If Plagueis did create Ani, then yes, Ani would have come to the Dark Side no matter who trained him to be a Jedi. That Dark Force would have traveled from son to son to maybe daughter?

If Luke is a son of the Dark Side, then it would make sense why he refused to train Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo after  Leia sent him to Luke to train to be a Jedi. Kylo went to the Dark Side because of some reason, I think because he’s a spoiled brat, but what do I know and Luke then went into hiding after Kylo fell from grace. Perhaps because of Snoke? Perhaps he discovered Snoke was stronger in the Dark Side than he was in the Light and thus went into hiding? (Can you all see my writer’s brain kicking in?)   Perhaps that Dark Side called to Luke as the Light side called to Kylo? Luke feared that calling and ran into seclusion? Something frightened him. I can’t believe Luke left without telling anyone where he was going. He gave the information to R2-D2 before he left so hopefully there is more information in the R2 unit.

Anyway, that’s the buzz going around the Geek world. I’m sure the writers are working on the new Star Wars movie and they’ll have come up with something totally different. Oh how I wish I was a fly on that wall or a writer in front of the computer. We’ll find out in a few years. I hope it’s yummy. Enjoy the video.