DR who spoilers ahead!!! Be warned!!!

Well, the Mean and Cruel Mr Moffat has done it again!! Yeap, this time, he’s sent the beloved Sonic Screwdriver to the history pages. I know, I know, breathe, everyone breathe! Let’s not riot at least not today. Let’s wait on that.

Yes, the Doctor no longer has the beloved screwdriver. Nope, now he has, are you ready???? Sonic sunglasses! Yeah, I know, breathe, breathe.

My young friend who was watching the show with a group of us said, Why not? A fifty-year-old man who plays guitars on tanks and wears dark shades. Very cool.

Who said dark shades and guitars were for 20 year olds?

But in my personal opinion, I will miss the sonic screwdriver. Yes, I know the sunglasses are cool, but for those of us who grew up with the classic Who, the sonic screwdriver is like saying good bye to an old friend. It always kept the Doctor, whichever number he was, safe and warm. It was his weapon, his skeleton key, his fancy gadget. It defined him from the first episode, through the years and into today. The Doc first introduced us to his friend during the show, Fury from the Deep which is now lost to us, so this one will have to do. It’s from the second Doc’s reign. The screwdriver wasn’t much and really didn’t do a lot. In fact, it was kinda sad.

Things sure have changed since that first screwdriver that didn’t really do a lot. The 11th Doctor used it for a lot more than screws. He used it for everything and it made him look so amazing.

Each Doc from the first to the last and even the War Doc had a sonic screwdriver.But Capaldi took the Doc into a new and even cooler stage by wear Dark Sonic Glasses. Will the Doc be able to do so many awesome things with sonic sunglasses? Only the cruel and mean Mr. Moffat knows. So sadly,even the Doc moves on and so he did. But it was good and yes, a fifty-year-old man can wear cool shades and rock out on a tank. Good-bye, SS. We will miss you!!! Now where can I can I buy a pair of Dark Shades that makes sonic noise??