WARNING!! Spoilers for Doctor Who Season 9 episode 1. You’ve been warned!!!

A common phrase uttered by many Whovians is simply, “What just happened?” Once again, the cruel and mean Mr Moffat does it again, by creating season 9, Episode 1 in which we see the child Davros, the leader of the Deleks before he created his demon children. It started with the Doctor trying to save a young boy from the enemy of his people.

The Doctor tosses the boy his Sonic Screwdriver and tells the boy he’ll survive, that is until he learns the boy is Davros. The next scene we see The Doctor in a medieval castle where he is trying to meditate and ends up digging for many wells and wanting to build a visitor center next  to the castle. The man who is the Doctor’s temporary companion, soon learns what all companions learn:  that the Doctor is very complicated and is running. Always running from someone or something. The Doctor made a horrible mistake that created Davros and once again, he runs.

The next scene is Missy coming to Clara with a ‘message’ from the Doctor. Missy has got to be my favorite villain. Sometimes she is evil and other times she is kind and the Doctor’s true friend. She said something that makes sense. Clara scolded Missy saying Missy always tries to kill the Doctor. Missy retorted with, Well, he tries to kill me first. Which now leads to a new question: Did the Doctor push Missy to the brink? Why does Missy/Master always have this obsession with the Doctor that has lasted for forty years? Yes, they were friends at one time, but something or someone drove Missy to the brink of madness. The same with Davros. A child who encounters the Doctor and that in turn creates a monster. The Doctor seems to be creating his own demons that haunt him in the future.  Perhaps the show Doctor Who is more Freudian in that we create our own madness that chases us down until we confront our demons.

I’m glad this Missy/Master is back. She is the evil side of the Doctor as if he was torn apart, the evil side being an entity of its own. Perhaps? Only Mr. Moffat knows. Anyway, the story ended with the Missy and Clara destroyed, but we pretty much figured they were transported to somewhere. Missy can be good when she chooses to do so. The TARDIS? Who knows? So when the show ended, we, being my friend and I uttered those words: What just happened????

Knowing the cruel and mean Mr. Moffatt, this is just the beginning of an incredible story arch that hopefully involves Missy and the Doctor and his demons.  But we’ll see.  So get your tissues ready, your popcorn ready, set the recorder and get ready to utter those immortal words: What just happened??

PS. I was wanting to dress up as The Doctor to the new Star Wars movie, but I was informed it would start a riot. And that would be sad if the Geeks started a riot over Star Wars/Dr. Who. I wouldn’t be able to live that one down. Sigh ……