So I”ve discovered for the beauty and excitement of cosplay. I love it. I love mostly making the costumes and taking pictures of my wonderful friends. Folks ask me, why cosplay? Why? Because for 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week, folks get to live a fantasy of being a superhero or someone they admire or someone they wish they could be. It’s likes a drug that gives you happiness for just a while and happiness it gives. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I hand them a costume. They become someone different than who they are. They are Jedi, princess, elf, anyone but them. I”ve seen them literally change before my eyes as they slip away into another world and they take me with them. I live a new life through their eyes.  So for me, it’s being the ‘Fairy Godmother’ who makes dreams come true that brings the smile to my face. I’m the artsy chick.

I found this awesome website that talks about sewing the costumes. It seems that today, a seamstress has to have the skills of someone working at Christian Dior, but having limited funds. It isn’t easy, that’s for sure. Each year, the cosplayers push up the bar and make us and them work harder at the sewing machine. No longer can one toss together a cheap costume made of cheap fabric and glue and run to the cons. Nope, nowadays it’s yards and yards of fine fabric, the best threads, the best sewing machines and hours and hours of sewing.

Look at this Gown. This is on one of my ‘lists’ for next year or the next or the next. This is a costume.Easy? Probably not. But it’s worth it.

So Cosplay isn’t for the weak or the timid. It’s about stepping out in a fantasy, living a dream, and not being afraid of the camera. So instead of laughing at someone in a costume, smile at them and ask who they are and then live a new life through their eyes.