Oh yeah, my compadres!! Geeks do rule and yes, others do drool. A lot!! And I am an Out-of-the-closet Geek. I have my certified card. Well, it’s actually an Agents of Shield card, but I figure, who looks at those things?

So why the blog? Because I love all things Geeky including Dr Who (my favey doctor is of course, Matt Smith and his lovely red bow tie. I’m also leaning towards David Tennent too.) I weep everything I see Alex Kingston on any show, I want to hum the Dr Song with I see Karen Gillian and I fan girl over the Doctor.

I also love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I”m so glad the heroes in  a half shell are back. I don’t have a favey cause I love them all!

And let’s not forget Star Wars! I will be going to the movie premier in Dec with some great friends who Geek out all the time (They honestly have TARDIS doors on their pantry. Now is that mind exploding or what??) So I will have an update and of course pictures.

Since I love Star Wars so much, I’ll also be featuring cool Fan made Star Wars movies that made my head swim. So I’ll be busy, my people! So Rock on, stay tuned and maybe one day, I’ll even have a wonderful Youtube video channel that will Geek us all out!!

I’ll also be marking important dates like the return of Dr Who!! I know!! And Star Wars, now calm down, you’re getting too excited, Agents of Shield, what happened to Simmons????, the wonderful Marvel movies and Loki. yes, Loki, and let’s not forget Once upon a time, yes I will be featuring it, and other cool geeky things.

Check out my Who am I? to find out more about me. So subscribe and keep your eyes to the skies, my band of brothers and sisters.