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Broken hearted again.

Well, Geeks, we’re holding off on Star Wars, Marvel Comics and other geeky stuff. Today, I’m sending Geek Love to the victims and survivors of the attack in Manchester England. We must come together as one to stop the Terrorist Losers known as ISIS. This is a world problem. ISIS Losers must be stopped. God’s blessings, my amazing Geeks. Spread the love to each other. Be nice to someone, ok? I’ll love the day when I don’t have post these posts.

A Pirate Queen’s Woes

This is from my friend and great writer, Amy Sauder:


A dream is kinda like a rollercoaster – you’ll hit triumphs, like getting the O’Flaherty clan women to love you. You’ll hit downfalls, like having to marry Donal (yech.) You’ll think you’re winning only to be slapped back to worse than where you started. 7 years may pass. Keep dreaming. This isn’t the end of the story.

hang in there, my amazing Geeks!! Just because stupid people have pushed you back doesn’t mean you’re out of the game!!


A Pirate Queen’s Woes


C-3 PO

So the news on the streets has been pretty interesting. At first I thought our little cute gold android was there for comedy relief. But what if he was more than comedy? What if he was actually Vader’s eyes?

A theory that has been tossed around for a while is that the android is actually  a spy for Lord Vader. Vader pretty much knew what Luke and the others were doing through C3-PO and was working with the Empire to destroy the rebels. Maybe?

In the not so distant future, somewhere in time and space …..

There lived a man named Joel who really wasn’t too different from you and me. He worked at a place called Gizmo Institute. And if you’re a geek, you know the rest of the story. So imagine my joy when I opened facebook and THERE. IT, WAS!!!!


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Star Wars 8, a writer’s breakdown of the movie

Well, the time has come for all Star Wars fan. The viewing of the trailer!!! Now comes the discussions, the analysis, the arguments and the Spoilers ahead, matey!! It’s time to get down to business.

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Star Wars meets Dr. Who

So what would have happened if the Doctor met the Star Wars world? Well, it would be interesting, that’s for sure.


Will the real Snoke please stand up?

Well, my amazing Geeks, it’s slowly getting to THAT time: Star Wars time!! Yes, we are still many months away, but as we all know, the months slip by us and soon Star Wars VIII will be upon us.

So many questions and such few answers!! What happened to Han Solo? What will happen to Princess Leia now that Carrie has passed? What about Rey and Finn? Who are they? Who is Rey’s parents? What about Finn? What is his past?

But most important, who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

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Hidden Secrets

My novel, Hidden Secrets, has hit the market.  FINALLY!! It’s been a huge struggle, but I made it. hidden-secrets-final-cover-full

I’ve learned a lot about writing and a lot about me. It isn’t easy to write a book but it is doable. I enjoyed it and now I’m working on the second book, The Last Maul. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link to where you can buy it. It is available in both kindle and paperback. This link will lead you to my page where you can read the first chapter and learn a little more about it. Thanks.


The Geeky Life of Virginia (Ginny) Smith

I first met Virginia (Ginny) Smith years ago at Writer’s Board section before she became the amazing writer she is today. Her first book and my first book of hers, Just As I Am, hooked me onto this wonderful artist. (I highly recommend the Goose Creek Series) Since then, she has written many books, some romance, some funny but all revolving around God. Despite her ‘normalness’ she is one of us, A down to earth Geek who just wants to glorify God and help others. Oh and also she has a cool speaking engagement called Biblical Parallels in Star Trek. I know!!!! It’s hard to believe that one who writes charming books also relates to those of us who are known as The Geeks.

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